Providing Hope

to Memphians through education, employment, and empowerment for more than 30 years.

HopeWorks helps people in Memphis and the Mid-South find meaningful employment through three main programs:

1. Adult Education

We help people access essential educational opportunities, including high school equivalency degrees and English language courses.

2. Employment Services

We work to eliminate restrictive barriers and aid Memphians as they pursue viable, passion-filled career opportunities.

3. Holistic Reentry

We provide life-breathing counseling support, mentorship, technical education and career pathways to Memphians pre- and post-release from prison.

HopeWorks is more than just an employment services organization – it’s a ministry that aspires to restore lives physically and spiritually. We provide second chances and a fresh start because we believe that’s our calling as Christians.

Learn to Speak English at HopeWorks

Do you or a loved one want to learn English? HopeWorks’ English language courses, officially called Adult English as a Second Language, is an opportunity for people of every nationality, age and background to improve their English Language Skills.

We support immigrants, refugees and non-native English speakers with English as a second language classes that not only strengthen language skills, but also support cultural assimilation.

Join us today!

Do you need help in any of these ways?

HopeWorks is here for you. 

  • I need my high school certificate.
  • I want to learn English.
  • I need an internship
  • I need a job that pays well. 
  • I have a loved one in prison who needs support.