A look at our Prison Ministry

HopeWorks participants come from all walks of life, including the Shelby County Division of Correction. We offer a pre-release program that takes place inside the prison for inmates who will soon be reentering society. This program consists of our standard Personal and Career Development course, as well as life instruction, and counseling services. Inmates in need of the equivalent to a high school diploma can attend our class which equips them to take the HiSET exam.

The Personal and Career Development program prepares inmates for the job-search process by teaching them how to write resumes or ace interviews. Additionally, inmates will also receive practical instructions on how to deal with the day to day realities of maintaining a job, such as dealing with bosses and co-workers, receiving criticism, and maintaining an adequate attendance record.

Our pre-release program also focuses on the life skills development of our participants by working through issues of emotional control, substance abuse through one-on-one and group counseling. Participants also have access to mentors that aid in personal development as well as case managers that assist in diminishing potential hurdles to reentering society such as lining up housing or resolving child support problems.

Upon their release, participants are still encouraged to maintain connection to their mentor and to the HopeWorks program, as the organization can help identify potential job openings, address social security-related issues, or line up transportation.

Along with the work we do at HopeWorks before and after inmates’ incarceration, we sponsor our partner organization, Hope 2 Hire, which focuses on developing inmates within correctional facilities by providing job training and employment placement. To learn more about Hope 2 Hire, visit https://www.hope2hire.org.