What’s new at HopeWorks?

HopeWorks has been a nonprofit force in Memphis for nearly 35 years. A lot has changed in that time! Whether you’re new to HopeWorks, new to Memphis or have been following for a long time, you may find yourself wondering, “What is HopeWorks actually doing?!” We aim to continually grow. As a way of holding ourselves accountable, we want to keep you updated on what’s new here as often as possible.

What is HopeWorks?

HopeWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization centered around helping our neighbors get back on their feet – whether that be through prison ministry and classes, Personal and Career Development classes or GED classes. Memphis is often discussed in conversations related to crime, unemployment and incarceration, but we want to help change that by providing hope-filled, impactful programs to Memphians who need it most. Hence, HopeWorks! Through our work and the ministry of God, we believe that we can help turn around our community and help its citizens thrive.

What do we offer?

HopeWorks offers programs to help Memphians further their education, build workforce skills and develop soft professional skills. In our prison sector of services, we offer a work-readiness training curriculum, financial management and cognitive behavioral interventions. Each of these services prepares individuals for life post-release.

We also offer Adult Education Classes, Personal and Career Development classes and ESL services. Our Adult Education Program helps people earn their high school equivalency diploma through the HiSET process. Personal and Career Development courses help participants obtain and keep a career, while growing their professional skill set. HopeWorks also provides English language classes for students of all nationalities and levels. Our services span the needs of our citizens, and we don’t expect to stop expanding anytime soon!

How have we expanded?

Over the years, we’ve expanded our services, staff, offices and our student reach. From moving our headquarters for more space to expanding our staff, we do everything in our power to help YOU succeed. We’ve seen the most growth in our prison programming, and we’re working on adding more services geared toward holistic reentry services. We see more graduates complete our programs with flying colors and move on to great things – supporting themselves and their families. As this year begins to wind down, we hope to see more growth follow next year!