Building a hope-filled future

HopeWorks brings support and opportunities to many immigrants who do not speak English

By Maria Guerrero, a HopeWorks graduate

HopeWorks is an organization that provides hope and second chances not only to Memphians, but also to many immigrants who want to integrate successfully in this country and build a better future for their families.

One of HopeWorks’ missions is to guide people like me that need an opportunity through essential education and career development programs. They not only teach you language; they help you to learn the culture, how politics works and the history of America.

In my first class, I had committed professional teachers, like Kimberly and Zack, who gave me tools to improve my skills in the English language, strengthened my confidence and fostered my desire to progress. I am really grateful to have HopeWorks in my life because it has provided me hope, friends and a future in this country which I love. I wish to contribute to society through my work and effort in gratitude for all that it has given to my family in just three years. 

This institution is not only a blessing to me but also to many other people. Duaa Hasanin from Jordan said, “HopeWorks is a place where I am learning the English language. I started two months ago and was feeling nervous when I attended classes. I started with John and Zack. They helped me very much in understanding English grammar. It was difficult in my first class because I was not very good at speaking about myself, but after that my feelings toward the class changed. I felt comfortable and spoke better while learning a little bit about American elections. I think now I can speak better and understand conversations directed at me.”

In addition, Naomi Oshitani from Japan expressed, “I enjoyed the English online class at HopeWorks. The time I spent here is an important memory for me. Because I came to Memphis just four months ago, I was really lonely. I found happiness from teachers and friends of HopeWorks.”

Nidhi Pure from India also commented, “I want to say that I love all HopeWorks’ team members. They are good, polite and helpful. I had very good teachers like Zack and John. I am learning the English language easily and confidently with the help of HopeWorks. They are my family, my heart and my soul, and I want to thank the person who created HopeWorks.”