Meet our new website!

If you’re reading this post, you’ve visited our new website. We’re excited to launch a new online presence for HopeWorks that will better serve our organization as it grows. While the overall look has changed, the content and intent are the same. We want our site to help future students find information they need to partner with HopeWorks. We want our supporters to learn about our work and how they can support our mission. 

So, what can you expect from our new site? Here are a few things to know!

New year, same organization. 

As you navigate our website, there are new pages and subpages filled with relevant information. You might discover some HopeWorks programs you never knew about as you surf the pages! We want to make one thing clear – we are the same organization. Our mission to provide hope through faith-based teaching and jobs through technical training is the same. But, we’ve broken down our various programs so our students can more easily find the information they need. 

Want to find out about our programs? It’s easier than ever! Start underneath our “for students” section in the main menu. There you’ll find our services divided into three categories: adult education, employment services and holistic reentry. Within each of those categories are pages dedicated to our varied services – from PCD classes to HiSET (GED) courses. 

If you want to learn more about HopeWorks broadly, use our submenu at the top of the page to navigate our site. Under “about,” you can learn about our mission, meet our staff and learn about our board governance. You can also access our blog, search available jobs and contact us from our submenu. 

Fresh colors? New font? Check! 

If you’re a longtime follow of HopeWorks, you’re familiar with our burgundy and black logo. With our previous site, we transitioned to a color palette featuring shades of blue and yellow, but we never fully transitioned our print materials. With the new website in blue and yellow, we’re committing to our new colors. Now, wherever you see HopeWorks, you’ll see these inviting and welcoming tones. You might also notice that our logo looks slightly different. The emblematic “HW” stays mostly the same, adjusted to meet our new colors. But the logo font is slightly more modern. We believe this friendly look will usher HopeWorks into the next few decades. You can see this logo in action when you spot our building from Sam Cooper Boulevard or Summer Avenue!

Room for growth.  

The biggest change on our website is that it leaves room for growth. We have ambitious plans to add videos, testimonials, stories and program information to our site in the near future. As we add these elements, we’ll share them on social media. If you’re not already, be sure to follow HopeWorks for updates! 

Donating is easier than ever.

Want to support HopeWorks? Processing a donation has never been simpler. On one streamlined page, you can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring gift. Both of these options help us continue our mission and impact lives in Memphis. Our donations are managed through a nationally trusted donor management platform, meaning online donations are as safe (or even safer) than mailing a check or bringing your donation to HopeWorks offices. If you want to donate to HopeWorks, visit our newly designed donation page.