The value of a GED

Americans often think of value in terms of dollars and cents. But value extends beyond an item’s price to include how something makes you feel, the future opportunities it provides and the impact it has on your daily life. A car may cost $2,500, but it allows you to visit your family, gives you a safe way to get groceries and leaves you feeling proud that you were able to save and make that purchase. While the car cost you $2,500, the value it adds to your life is much more. 

Earning your GED is similar – it provides exponentially more value to your life than an increased paycheck. HopeWorks’ Basic Adult Education Department is partnering with #MoveAheadAdultEd to demonstrate the value that earning your high school equivalency certificate adds to your life. 

A GED builds self-confidence

People drop out of high school for a number of reasons. No matter the circumstances, withdrawing from school leaves an open checkbox on your life’s to-do list. Unfinished business emotionally impacts people in different ways, but the pride that comes with earning your education is universally appreciated. The Basic Adult Education students at HopeWorks resoundingly share with us how earning their HiSET (Tennessee’s official GED certificate) changed the way they view their future and built their confidence. 

A GED unlocks new educational opportunities

Earning your GED is step one in the educational process. With your diploma in hand, you are now able to pursue technical certifications or college degrees. Choosing to go back to school will allow you to study fields that meet your interests and skills, increasing the likelihood that you will land a job in a career field that you love. Earning a degree from a technical school, community college or four year university will provide you more than an advanced degree. You’ll meet educators who can serve as your mentors, will meet peers who could become your friends and colleagues and will set an example for younger family members.

A GED creates new career paths

A job is a way that people make money. Often, jobs pay hourly wages and provide part-time opportunities. A career is different – it comes with opportunities to move up within a company, provides benefits like health insurance, and allows you to build your professional skills over a longer period of time. Many careers require a high school diploma or a GED to even apply. Once you earn your GED, you’ll become eligible for these roles. Landing a career position can completely change your life’s outlook. Through financial compensation, benefits and full-time employment, a career can provide stability for your family. 

Earning a GED is valuable – putting a number on it would be impossible. When you choose to earn your GED, you are investing in your future, creating a new path forward and changing your family’s future. For these reasons, earning a GED is invaluable. If you want to get started, connect with HopeWorks. Our Basic Adult Education team is eager to help you earn your HiSET.