Three ways to build a positive relationship with your supervisor

Relationships are one of our most fundamental social needs. Creating and maintaining relationships with friends, family and colleagues come easy to us, but workplace relationships, especially with your supervisor, can seem hard to initiate. However, forming a positive relationship with your supervisor is an important part of maintaining a positive work environment. Not only will you have a better outlook on your job, but your supervisor will gain insight on you as an employee and could consider you first when opportunities arise.

Here are three ways you can create and maintain a positive relationship with your supervisor.

Maintain a positive work ethic.
Work ethic is extremely important to supervisors. Hard work helps you get noticed, but a good attitude and positive outlook on your work is more meaningful. Maintaining a positive work ethic is the exemplification of “actions speak louder than words.” By having a positive outlook on work, you’re showing your supervisor that you’re someone who’s invested in your future and the company’s.

One way to demonstrate a positive work ethic is through body language. By keeping a smile on your face and your arms uncrossed, you’re conveying the message that you’re happy to be there and ready to work. Another way is to avoid negative speak, like sighing when assigned a task or complaining about the job after a project is done. Keeping these tips in mind are easy ways to show off your dedication to your job!

Communicate often.
The easiest way to build a relationship is through communication!. While gossipping or over chatting isn’t the best way into your boss’ good graces, there are appropriate times to talk with them about work-related topics or issues.

These conversations are a great time to ask questions! Your supervisor will appreciate the initiative. Remember – there’s never a bad question!

One tip is to not be too personal when conversing with your supervisor. While asking about their weekend or discussing a hobby is an easy way to build a relationship with them, be careful not to cross the boundary of professionalism.

Take initiative.
Supervisors love it when employees come up with ideas about how to improve workplace processes or when they complete work early. This is a surefire way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Is there something about your job you wish was a little more efficient? Coming up with a creative solution not only helps your workflow but shows your supervisor you’re committed to leaving your work better than when you found it.

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