Staying connected with HopeWorks after graduation

When someone walks alongside you through major life milestones, you want to keep those people around. That’s why so many people who graduate from HopeWorks’ programming continue to connect with the organization: The relationships formed here inspired positive life change and transformation in Jesus Christ. 

If you’re a recent graduate, you might wonder how you can stay connected with HopeWorks and its team. Here are a few ways that we recommend to all of our students. 

Become a HopeWorks Prayer Donor

As one of our students, you witnessed the power of prayer in action. HopeWorks has a network of believers praying for our students, instructors, organization and community every day. You can join that network and lift up future students by becoming a Prayer Donor! The commitment is simple, but the reward is great. We would love for you to pray for us – email Louise Koonce to become a Prayer Donor.

Volunteer with HopeWorks 

As you learned at HopeWorks, time is one of our most valuable assets. You can invest yours in HopeWorks by becoming a volunteer. Our volunteers meet a number of essential needs – from supporting events to caring for our facilities across the city. If you have a heart for service, becoming a volunteer is a great way to stay connected. Learn more about current and future volunteer opportunities here

Become a HopeWorks mentor

Want to pour into a HopeWorks student in the same way one of our team members poured into you? Become a HopeWorks mentor! Mentor relationships require time, dedication, training and care – it’s a significant commitment. The opportunity makes more sense for people at different stages in life, and there is no shame if your current circumstances don’t allow for this level of commitment! If your schedule allows and you want to make the investment, learn more about the role on our website.

Attend one of our annual events

HopeWorks has two annual events – the Morning of Hope breakfast and the Golf Scramble – and both are great opportunities to reconnect with the team. We are also in the process of developing future events that we’re really excited about. To make sure you don’t miss out on getting your tickets, follow HopeWorks on Facebook or sign up for our monthly email newsletter by submitting this contact form and opting to receive emails! We regularly share information about upcoming events through both of these outlets.