The ripple effect of education: How passing the HiSET impacts more than the diploma recipient

According to CLASP, there are an estimated 40 million Americans without their high school diploma. Life happens, but it’s never too late to pass your HiSET and receive your high school equivalency diploma, especially when the effects of your achievement affect not only yourself but those around you. Here’s how your decision to continue your education impacts your family, friends and community.

Motivate family members and friends

By acquiring your diploma, you’re setting an example for your loved ones about the importance of education, and setting and achieving goals. Hard work, determination and passion are contagious – once they see your drive, they’ll be more likely to follow suit in one or more aspects of their lives!

Improve community

Word spreads fast – once people hear of your achievements, they’ll be inclined to ask questions, learn more about the process and potentially consider continuing their education as you did! Your growth contributes to your community by improving morale among those who may have thought going back to school was impossible or impractical. By passing your HiSET, you’re setting an example to those around you that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it!

Further economic development

Achieving your high school equivalency degree opens up new doors for yourself and your family, but did you know it also impacts the economy? When you make more money, you’re able to spend more, feeding into local businesses and organizations, and improving the state of our city and communities.

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