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What stands in the way of meaningful employment?

The three things that prohibit employment for recently released individuals (education, opportunity, experience) and how to combat it. Getting out of prison isn’t the end of an inmate’s journey – it’s the beginning. There are several obstacles to overcome before reintegration is possible and, with a criminal record, these hurdles can feel insurmountable. At HopeWorks, our team strives to provide services that equip previously incarcerated individuals with the tools necessary to combat these challenges. Here are three things that can stand in the way of achieving meaningful employment upon release. 1. Education Most entry level positions require at least a […]

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Prisons of Potential

What is grace? Grace is being given more than we deserve. If we don’t think we need grace, we wont be gracious. Incarcerated individuals really push the limits of our graciousness. We label them as people who have said “no” to God (meaning we are people who have said “Yes”—which is problematic, as stated). Grace is seeing all people—even those in prison—as people who might say yes—not as people who have said no. Listen to this sermon from Eric Gentry at Highland Church about being gracious to those we think don’t deserve it.

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Alumni Reunion

PCD and Adult Education graduates come join us for an evening of reconnecting, Thursday, October 22, 6:30pm to 7:30pm. For questions, call 272-3700. We hope to see you there.

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Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By-World

Sometimes people need a renewed sense of purpose, perhaps a little nudge, a push of encouragement.  This summer one of HopeWorks’ PCD teachers is leading a class to re-energize a group of graduates to urge them to press on and to accomplish their personal goals.   The curriculum used to reinforce the concept of the importance to have a concrete plan of action is based on the work of Dr. Ruby Payne: Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’-By-World.  Some of the topics in this eight week session include: theory of change, hidden rules of economic class, stages of change, building […]

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