The HopeWorks Team

The HopeWorks team is made up of a governing board and a team of full and part-time staff members.

The HopeWorks Staff

  • Brandon Gunn

    Brandon Gunn

    Case Manager 901.272.3700 x113
  • Keva Irvin-Edwards

    Keva Irvin-Edwards

    ERN/Success Coach
  • Patricia Tia

    Patricia Tia

    Case Manager 901.272.3700 x101
  • Suzanne Avery

    Suzanne Avery

    Counselor 901.272.3700 x111
  • Amy Braden

    Amy Braden

    Internship Director, Job Placement and Retention Specialist 901.272.3700 x120
  • Felicia Carter

    Felicia Carter

    Grants and Administration 901.272.3700 x110
  • Laura Harrison

    Laura Harrison

    Personal & Career Development Program Instructor/Counselor 901.272.3700 x106
  • Willie Holcomb

    Willie Holcomb

    Counselor 901.272.3700 x119
  • Antonio Owens

    Antonio Owens

    Personal & Career Development Program Instructor 901.272.3700 x105
  • Gilda Shelby

    Gilda Shelby

    Job Placement and Retention Specialist 901.272.3700 x109
  • Jacob Shock

    Jacob Shock

    Adult Education, District Coordinator 901.396.8800
  • Ron Wade

    Ron Wade

    Executive Director 901.272.3700 x115

Adult Education Teachers Back to Top ↑

Lytania Black - Assistant District Coordinator

Board of Directors Back to Top ↑

B Chris Simpson - Board Member

Charlie Maxwell - Board Member

Eric Gentry - Board Member

Eric Wilson - Board Member

Susan Vaughn - Board Member

Thomas Woods - Board Member

Dawn Graeter - Board Member

Percell Duckett - Board Member