Once a HopeWorks graduate completes the program, we make a purposeful effort to continue involvement in their lives. HopeWorks’ goal after a graduate has been placed in a job is to make weekly contact with the graduate to check on personal and work-related issues.

Jaren-and-SuzieMonthly meetings are set in place to help encourage peer support and networking, as well as to remind graduates of the principles and practices set forth in their Personal and Career Development classes. Topic of monthly meetings include:

  • How to cope with an overwhelming or hostile work environment
  • How to manage working with difficult bosses
  • How to get along with coworkers
  • How to get a pay raise or promotion

The HopeWorks Workforce Developer also works personally with employers to help graduates with issues they may have in the workplace itself. Monthly contact is made with employers to let them know that HopeWorks follows the progress of all its graduates, and all information discussed remains confidential. Employers are encouraged to contact HopeWorks with any work-related issues.