Job Readiness

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

-Colin Powell

You have to learn to Work.

Not literally how to get the job done, but every workplace has a unique culture. Every boss has different expectations. All employees have to learn how to adapt. If you’ve never hit your stride in an office or workforce environment, you’re not alone. . 

At HopeWorks, we have plans in place to help you from the start, not just to get a job, but to become the kind of employee that managers don’t want to let go.

The First Step

Employment Essentials

Attend our new workforce education class, Employment Essentials. The class meets in person at our Summer Avenue site, but students now have access to Google Classroom where they can find extra resource materials and submit homework assignments.

The best part? Employment Essentials is on a fast-track! The curriculum is condensed into six three-hour-long sessions. This means that you can be out of the classroom and into the workforce more quickly than ever.

Call (901)272-3700 to enroll in Employment Essentials today.

What you will learn:

  • ​Identifying personal interests, abilities, work values, and personality, and how that fits with career satisfaction.
  • Job search strategies.
  • Managing employer expectations.
  • Interview best practices.
  • Professional resume development assistance.
  • Workforce communication skills.
  • Emotional management.
  • Character development.

The Next Step

Workforce Development

All students of a HopeWorks class are also clients of our Workforce Development department. The workforce team is working to bring employers and employees together in a marriage that benefits both parties.

A workforce team member will sit with you and hear your interests, then help you envision a career path for the future. They will help you create a resume and complete job applications.

But they are not only working on your portfolio. They have carefully selected employers who are willing to offer fair wages and opportunity to willing HW clients. They then introduce you to an opening that may be the perfect fit for you and the employer alike.

Contact Job Readiness

Ever feel like the barriers are too big and you are facing them all alone?

HopeWorks Case Management Team is in the business of breaking down barriers. No matter what the obstacle, they will work to help you overcome them.

You are not alone!

Call (901)272-3700 to speak to a Case Manager today.