Holistic ReEntry

Finding success in the workforce can be challenging, especially after spending time in prison. 

Our original goal of providing hope and a job to Memphians doesn’t only apply to our neighbors with a clean background. We believe all people deserve a second chance, and individuals returning to the community from prison need essential support to find success after prison. 

When a person leaves prison, the road back to personal and professional stability is a challenging one. They face barriers that are nearly impossible to overcome without a support system. Some people are able to rely upon family and friends, while others have no one to turn to. We provide that support system. 

Holistic ReEntry Services Include:

Workforce Development

For a person who has spent time in prison, finding a job is an especially challenging feat. Even when qualified, the “thank you for applying, but we are not interested” is the common response. Our Workforce Development Team spend equal time cultivating relationships with background-friendly employers and helping clients fill out applications and prepare for interviews.


The Case Managers at HopeWorks go above and beyond to break down barriers that prevent justice-involved clients from getting on their feet in the community. Case Managers and Workforce Developers work together to find the best employment options that provide a livable wage. They will file for and retrieve birth certificates, provide bus passes and even arrange doctors visits.

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For many getting out of prison, the first hurdle they face is the first night. Returning to the environment where they were arrested is the last thing they need to do. Our ReEntry Housing facility is a safe, affordable option that comes with a built-in support system to help these men get re-established in the community

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What is Holistic ReEntry?

Many agencies provide limited support for those returning to society after release, but we have developed a system of support to meet any barriers a justice involved person may encounter. Our services are not limited to just one need. Our Case Managers go the extra mile to find resources, make connections and create solutions. We call it Holistic ReEntry because the goal is to help people reintegrate completely.

Some of the Barriers one has standing between them and success when they are released from prison:

  • Loss of vital documents
  • Fees and fines
  • No insurance
  • Medical & health needs
  • Mental health
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Employment