Personal & Career Development in Prison

When you’re released from prison, what are your career goals

HopeWorks believes all people deserve two things – hope and a job. Just because you or a loved one are in Shelby County Division of Corrections now does not mean that you do not deserve the opportunity to pursue a stable, meaningful career. 

For several years, HopeWorks has partnered with SCDC to provide our Personal and Career Development program within the local prison system. Our program offers many of the same lessons and opportunities as our on-site PCD class, with small adjustments to accommodate the prison environment. 

What is PCD at HopeWorks?

HopeWorks’ Personal and Career Development course is a 13‐week, tuition‐free program that will unlock professional skills and knowledge you need to grow as a professional. Through 220 hours of classroom instruction, counseling and mentorship, our PCD graduates leave HopeWorks and prison with the skills needed to obtain and keep a meaningful career. 

At HopeWorks, we believe that employment is a gift from God and a way that we can honor Him. Our PCD students, in addition to time with our trained counselors, will also have access to a faith encourager. This person will serve as a source of professional and spiritual guidance for our students. Oftentimes, these relationships continue long after students graduate from our PCD class. 

Do you have a loved one who is currently in prison that could benefit from this program? 

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Take your career one step further

For inmates within Shelby County Division of Corrections, HopeWorks’ PCD program is a prerequisite for the Hope 2 Hire job training program. Learn more about Hope 2 Hire here. 

HopeWorks also offers its Personal and Career Development course outside of prison. Learn more about that program here