A Morning of Hope with Bill Courtney – March 2, 2013

Join us for the Fifth Annual HopeWorks Fundraising Event: 

“A Morning of Hope with Bill Courtney”

8:30 to 10:30 a.m. | Woodland Hills Event Center

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It’s not always about winning, but instead achieving. When Bill Courtney took on the volunteer position as the coach of the varsity football team at Manassas High School in Memphis, he met a total of 17 players with old equipment and a worn out practice field. In the school’s 110-year history, the football team had never made it to a playoff game. Courtney quickly realized he had more to tackle than building a football program. He wanted to give these inner-city school students something much more than playing skills. Through his devotion, Courtney instilled values, character and life lessons within his players. His leadership and mentorship rallied the team members to be better both in the classroom and on the field. In 2009, Manassas High School fans cheered for their most successful football team to date and celebrated a winning season.

Much like the football program at Manassas High School, students who come to HopeWorks oftentimes have little hope for their lives. Years of living in poverty, engaging in criminal activity and spending time in jail destroy lives, families and communities. Through a holistic approach, HopeWorks strives to give its students the tools needed to break free from the cycle that traps so many in our city. With daily classes and meals, educational training and spiritual counseling, so many hopeless individuals conquer the difficult task of finding hope. Through hard work that doesn’t come easy to many and is not always understood, HopeWorks students learn to achieve even if they don’t always win.

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