HopeWorks Social Work Intern, Blessing Anyanwu

As I reflect on my internship experience, I can’t help but smile. The past 13 weeks have been both a remarkable learning opportunity and an unforgettable experience for me.
As a student from Nigeria majoring in social work at Rust College, I chose to do social work because of the zeal I have in helping people. When I received a call from my field instructor about an internship possibility at HopeWorks, I researched it online. I was amazed and ready to be a part of an organization that carries out the mission of why I want to be a social worker.On the day of my interview with Laura Harrison and Willie
Holcomb, I was so comfortable, relaxed, and I felt the presence of God around. After two weeks, I kept asking myself if this was how they really were or if they were trained to
treat people this nice. As days went by, my question was answered through the wonderful job they have done, testimonies from past students, employers calling requesting more
students from HopeWorks, blogs, and donations coming from people who have seen the positive impact HopeWorks has made in the community.

The staff is diverse and loves each other like family: from Ron Wade, who is a God-fearing man and role model to the staff, to Tara Albright, who works to provide
graduates with job opportunities. I have seen people with low reading and no GED get the help they need from Susan Rubio and Anna Snickenberger. I have grown spiritually and professionally. I have learned the importance of communication. At times I wasn’t sure if what I had to say mattered,but I learned the staff is sincere and care about what everyone has to contribute to the team. I pray HopeWorks can keep making a positive impact in Memphis. As a social work intern at HopeWorks I have seen that hope really does work.