June eNewsletter

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HopeWorks Plus Workshop
HopeWorks will hold its first HopeWorks Plus Workshop on July 17. This all day event will feature classes and workshops on credit repair, financial aid, and getting a suspended driver’s license reinstated. A representative from MLGW will talk about understanding your utility bill and ways to reduce it, and we will have a food coach talking about how to love foods you hate. We are excited about the opportunity to offer these different types of workshops to our alumni.

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Staff Tours Nucor Steel
In an effort to promote women in non-traditional fields, the HopeWorks staff was invited to tour Nucor Steel. While being impressed with their facility, we were more impressed with the way they treated their team members. There was a great sense of loyality and comradery among the people we met. We are hopeful about building a relationship with this company for our graduates.

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Pray for the PCD Students
This year the staff has made a concerted effort to pray over our students more; we ask that you join with us in this important task. Here are some prayer requests from our current summer class:

From the men’s class: pray for our family and loved ones, that we would stay on the right path, hope that our faith increases, as well as we all stay committed.

From the coed class:
1. For a car, for relationship with son to be healed, to stay clean and doing the right thing.

2. For a better life with Christ, enlarge my territory, all of those who need Christ in their lives

3. Jaren: my family (health and safety), my future (stability, school, family, career path), boyfriend and kids (health, safety, stability), that I get a closer relationship with God, positive people and things surrounding my life continuously

4. For growth in my walk with Christ, that I will see past my circumstances and trust in God the Father, especially for strength and perseverance

5. For my family and friends, for me to keep my heart in the right place, for me to keep coming back to HW until the end!

6. For my daughter who is going through family problems and dealing with a molestation case, for forgiveness of my sins

7. For a job, that I will keep my mind and learn to deal better with people’s attitudes, for my family that we will stand as one always, that the Lord will keep me

8. For a classmate who is dealing with anger and frustration, for a former classmate with a lot of anger and needs a job, for a home for myself and children, for employment, to successfully complete HW, for all the students to complete HW, that God will put his hand on my children and help me be a better mother, for a classmate who was dismissed due to drug test…that she’ll come back to HW and that she’ll finish her journey to get her GED

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