September eNewsletter


Fall PCD class/Friends and Family Day
We celebrated Family and Friends Day with the Fall PCD class. It was a wonderful time of hearing from the people that support our students. We heard from the students how glad they are to be at HopeWorks and what a positive place it is for them. We can already see deep bonds forming between classmates.

Adult Education News
The best way for a person in poverty to improve their financial situation is to get a high school equivalency diploma. Our adult education program has 15 math and general education classes and 4 literacy classes currently in session. New classes are starting all the time, so if you know someone who needs a high school equivalency diploma, call 396-8800 to get more information or to sign up for the next orientation session.

CPR class

Alumni News
Lundria Moore, a graduate of PCD #29 and certified nurse , offered a CPR class to fellow graduates. This class was great for alumni who work with children, and it allowed them to become receive the certification at a discounted price. Patricia Lara, PCD #65, is offering a Spanish language class on Thursday nights to help graduates begin the process of qualifying for jobs that require Spanish. We are so proud of these alumni that want to give back.

At the September Alumni Meeting, 11 graduates opened bank accounts with Southern Security Credit Union. So many of those in poverty don’t use or know how to use banks. We are excited for this first step on the road to a better financial future.

Graduates Employed for September
The number of graduates newly employed for September was 4. This brings the total of newly employed alumni to 73 for the year.