Are Internships Valuable for Adults?

You’re never too old to start something new. People’s lives and careers are constantly evolving – there’s no map or timeline. That’s why having an internship isn’t just something college kids do to fill their summers. Internships are for people of all ages, and they can be  helpful for adults looking to start a new career. 

Internships offer a number benefits, specifically to those reentering the workforce after long-term unemployment or individuals changing career paths. They allow you to improve the skills you already have and develop completely new capabilities – resulting in firsthand knowledge and confidence. Internships can also give you access to a network of contacts and opportunities you wouldn’t have had otherwise. 

As an intern, you’ll gain access to the insides of the business. This can help you make an informed decision about your next employment move. You may decide a career you dreamt about isn’t a good fit for you! Or, you might realize that you need additional technical training to secure the position you desire. No matter what you learn, remember that knowledge is power. It’s equally as good to finish an internship and decide you don’t love the industry as it is to complete an internship you loved.

Although nothing is ever guaranteed, some places use internships as a path to full-time employment. Even if you are not offered a position at the conclusion of your internship, or if you don’t want to continue working there, your time was far from wasted. Future employers commonly look for internships on resumés, as it not only shows experience, but a willingness to work no matter the job. Specific things you’ve worked on while interning are now available for you to use as talking points in job interviews, or even in a portfolio as physical examples of what you can do. 

No matter your career path, internships are a great opportunity to get out there and try something new. At HopeWorks, our internship program is custom to every student. So, we’ll help you connect with an employer that works in your desired field. But remember to always keep your mind and options open.Your career may grow and change with you! 

Photo by Victoria Kubiaki on Unsplash