How to Create a Resume and Build References

A required part of many interview processes is submitting a resume. If you don’t have job experience, have spent time out of the workforce, or aren’t sure what to include on your resume, it can be hard to create one that impresses future employers. Even getting started can be discouraging, but you shouldn’t give up. If you, or someone you know, is facing this dilemma, check out our tips for how to create a resume and build references.

Include a personal statement
Personal statements are a great way to state the goals you wish to accomplish in your new position, showing you’re dedicated and passionate. While technical skills may be beneficial to the position, they are easily taught while soft skills, such as leadership, effective communication and willingness to learn, are not. An employer might be quicker to hire someone with leadership abilities versus someone with more experience. Don’t consider these qualities worthless!

Building references
References are another extremely important factor when it comes to applying for jobs. If possible, refrain from listing a family member as a reference when creating a resume. This avoids potential bias. If you don’t have work experience, consider listing a personal reference. This may be a teacher, mentor, neighbor or church member who has grown to know you and your character. This person can vouch for your soft skills and show that you are a worthy candidate for the position.

Dress for the job!
It’s important that you dress to impress when heading to your interview. A good first impression can be crucial when it comes to landing your position. However, it’s important to know your audience. If you’re applying for a job in maintenance, a three-piece suit more than likely isn’t appropriate. Dress to your best – meaning dress to the best of your ability. Comb your hair, wash your face, make sure your clothes are clean and unwrinkled. Put effort into your appearance – I promise, it won’t go unnoticed!

With these tips, you’re sure to impress your potential employer. Being yourself goes a long way!

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash