What do donations do at HopeWorks?

At HopeWorks, we ensure our mission and results are clear to our community. We want you to know that every cent you give is changing lives in Memphis! To keep our communication clear and honest, we outlined exactly how your donations help your neighbors!

#1 – Pre- and post-release service

HopeWorks seeks to address any issues preventing incarcerated individuals from getting a job and being successful upon reentry. To do so, we provide pre- and post-release services to our students. Pre-release services include work readiness training, financial management and cognitive behavioral interventions. If students need a high school equivalency diploma, we provide HiSET classes. We believe that the first 72 hours following release are extremely important to participants. Mentors meet with our post-release students and serve as an essential source of support. We also help recently released students obtain important documents required for future success including birth certificates, state-issued identification, a social security card, transportation and more. This long list of services help our students navigate the hurdles they face, and the resources required could not be obtained without your help!

#2 – Personal & Career Development Courses

These 13-week, tuition-free courses were set in motion to help people prepare for and obtain careers. During the full-time program, students get more than just class time. Beyond the 100 hours of lecture, students partake in 120 hours of classroom exercises, counseling and mentoring! Not to mention, there are 80 hours of internship work with a community employer to further expand their horizons and prepare them for the future. On-site HiSET classes, bus passes and lunch are also provided daily to students. Your donations not only help our students learn in a classroom setting but also provide an opportunity to get hands-on experience. 

#3 – Adult Education Classes

Our Adult Education Classes are focused solely on helping participants obtain high school equivalency diplomas. Our education classes are offered from eight to 14 weeks, at six hours per week. These classes are offered at six sites around Memphis to ensure that everyone who wants an opportunity to obtain their diploma has a chance. We’re only allowed to offer as many options as we do because of your support!

Changing the narrative of our community starts with your generosity. We cannot thank our donors enough for all that you’ve done, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds with our supporters by our side!