It’s National Workforce Development Month!

Did you know that Sept. is National Workforce Development Month?

Passed on Aug. 1, 2019, National Workforce Development Month “supports Federal initiatives to promote workforce development” and “acknowledges that workforce development plays a crucial role in supporting workers and growing the economy.”

At HopeWorks, workforce development is an essential part of our mission. We help our students grow and learn as they work toward a better life for themselves and their families – in turn, strengthening our community and economy. Keep reading to learn more about what HopeWorks is doing to support the development of
Memphis’ workforce.

Personal and Career Development

HopeWorks believes that the path to a successful future is through meaningful employment. Our Personal and Career Development course is a 13-week, tuition-free program made for people who are looking to start their career, change industries or grow professionally. After 300 hours of instruction, our PCD graduates leave with the skills needed to obtain and maintain a meaningful career. Additionally, we offer counseling and spiritual guidance to all students, forging relationships that often continue long after graduation.

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education

Since the beginning of HopeWorks’ IELCE program, students from more than 40 countries have received assistance in building their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. These tools are put to use as they further their careers, pass citizenship tests and participate in life activities like going to the doctor or eating at a restaurant.

Adult Education

There are many reasons why a student doesn’t finish high school – but it’s never too late to go back. At HopeWorks, we offer Adult Education courses for people looking to take the High School Equivalency Test or HiSET and obtain their degree – commonly known as the GED. More than just advancing your education, obtaining your high school equivalency credential instills pride and confidence in yourself.