An inside look at PCD from HopeWorks students and graduates

When HopeWorks opened its doors in 1998, the first program offered was our Personal and Career Development course. Since then, we’ve helped countless Memphians throughout all stages of their career journey achieve their goals. In fact, our success stories are what make our PCD program so special. Today, you’ll hear from three of our students or recent graduates as they share a look into their PCD experience.

Laquita was homeless when a friend told her about HopeWorks. After enrolling in the PCD course, HopeWorks provided Laquita with an affordable condo until she was able to get back on her feet. Laquita went to class daily, worked hard and made friends in her program. She was assigned a counselor who she could speak to when things got tough or overwhelming. HopeWorks helped her create a resume and prepare for interviews; when she mentioned she didn’t have professional clothes, HopeWorks reached out to Dress for Success to make sure her needs were met. After graduation, she was hired! Now, Laquita works full-time and is a full-time student. When asked what she learned most from HopeWorks, she said, “HopeWorks made me see that it’s never too late and the sky is the limit.”

When Alycia was asked how HopeWorks helped her, she said, “HopeWorks gave me the confidence in myself I lost. It renewed my will to try again and never give up.” During her time in HopeWorks’ PCD program, she learned that anything is possible with God and hope. Her renewed faith and belief in God taught her that, with Him, you can turn tragedy into triumph. Her words to someone who’s considering applying for HopeWorks’ PCD program? “The one thing I would say to someone who is considering the program is that the program and everyone at HopeWorks are amazing. They truly care about you and your success.”

Cedric, a PCD program graduate, is a firm believer that any circumstance can be changed. “There are genuinely good people in this world who are willing to help, no strings attached,” he said. When asked about his time at HopeWorks and how the PCD program changed him, Cedric said it helped him break down barriers and become more open and trusting of people.

Still on the fence about signing up for our PCD program? We feel Cedric said it best: “Anything you’re going through or struggling with, there’s someone in HopeWorks qualified and ready to help you improve your situation.”

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