What programs support successful community reentry?

Thousands of people every day leave prisons and reenter communities. Though release from prison is something to celebrate, it can be overwhelming and very challenging. People go from a very structured environment to whatever life they choose – and options regarding housing, income, food and general care might be limited. 

What programs are available to help people reenter their communities successfully? At HopeWorks, we have several that are designed to support people as they transition out of prison. 

Adult education programs

Did you know that an estimated 68% of prison inmates don’t have a high school diploma? Earning a high school equivalency certificate is an important first step to improve your chances of getting a meaningful job – which is one of the leading factors that keeps someone engaged in their community and out of prison. At HopeWorks, our Adult Education team is trained to prepare students to take the HiSET – the exam that qualifies a person for a high school equivalency degree. 

Workforce readiness training

The ability to complete a skill and knowing how to navigate the workforce are two different things. While many people inherently know how to complete the tasks that are needed to be a great worker, there are nuances to employment that have to be taught. HopeWorks’ Personal and Career Development program engages students in meaningful discussions about navigating the modern workforce. From interview preparation, to internship training, our PCD team prepares students to land a position and progress in their desired field. 

PCD programming also includes personal development components. Many of our students need addiction support services, anger management help or parenting tips. We work to holistically meet the needs of our students – especially those that come to us after release from prison. 

Transitional housing

Stable housing is critical for people who are leaving prison. Without a safe, reliable place to live, gaining employment, staying away from drugs and alcohol, and generally thriving after being released from prison is hard. HopeWorks is proud to now partner with Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministries to oversee Forgiveness House – a transitional house for people leaving prison in the state of Tennessee. While in residence at Forgiveness House, tenants will engage in all of HopeWorks programming, in addition to community services and other personal development programs. The goal is to allow everyone who stays at Forgiveness House the time they need to get a job, secure housing and transportation, and live independently in the community. 

If you or someone you know has recently been released from prison and needs help navigating the transition, the team at HopeWorks is here to help. You can connect with our team by completing this online form today: 

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