It’s Never Too Late To Learn.

Adult Education

It’s never too late to learn

To be successful, we have to keep learning. The workforce grows and changes every year. To reach your career goals and make a better life for yourself or your family, you have to commit to learning. 

At HopeWorks, we have two adult education programs to help students achieve their dreams and make a new way for themselves. Learn more about these two programs.

Adult Education at HopeWorks

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t finish high school. No matter your reason, you can still earn your high school equivalency diploma. In the state of Tennessee, that diploma is called the HiSET, though it’s also commonly called a GED. HopeWorks can help you earn your high school equivalency degree in a few short months at sites across Memphis and the Mid-South. 

Why should you put in the time and effort to get your HiSET? It’s a source of personal pride – knowing that you completed your education can boost your self-confidence. People with a high school equivalency degree make more money and qualify for better positions than people without one. Your children, siblings, parents, friends, cousins will be proud of you for taking a step in the right direction.  

Learn to Speak English at HopeWorks

Do you or a loved one want to learn English? HopeWorks English language courses, officially called Adult English as a Second Language, is an opportunity for people of every nationality, age and background to improve their English Language Skills.

We support immigrants, refugees and non-native English speakers with English as a second language classes that not only strengthen language skills, but also support cultural assimilation.

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