HopeWorks AESL Program

They don’t only teach you language; they help you to learn the culture, how the politics are, the history of America. So now I feel like I’m a part of this culture after meeting HopeWorks.


Do you want to learn English?

No matter your linguistic or cultural background, you can learn to speak English at HopeWorks. We help students from countries around the world with so many native languages learn how to speak, read and write in English. 

Do you want to feel more confident about living in Memphis?

Even if you know how to read, write and speak English, you may not feel comfortable with some of the unspoken elements of American culture. HopeWorks English language education courses can help you feel more confident when you go to the doctor, go to a restaurant with friends, need to get a driver’s license and so much more.

Becoming a stronger English speaker can help you:

Here’s what you should know about learning English at HopeWorks:

How do I get started?

We have several class locations and schedule options to meet your unique needs. To learn more about upcoming classes and how to get started, call HopeWorks at 901-272-3700.

Why did HopeWorks invest in AESL programming?

HopeWorks believes that it is our Biblical mission to support, love and protect our brothers and sisters who are immigrants or refugees. In Memphis, one of the best ways to support non-native English speaking populations is through English education courses. We provide hope and jobs to Memphians, and this is one way to extend that offering to our newest neighbors.


Without community investors and sponsors, HopeWorks AESL program would not be possible. Thanks to their generous support, Memphians can learn English in locations across the Mid-South. Please support businesses that support non-native English speakers and their communities in Memphis.